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Where it all started…


In the early 90s my father was consistently involved in pwc racing and the community around it. He placed countless trophies on the shelf and won multiple australian pro titles throughout his race career. This naturally involved working on his own race ski from a workshop set up in the home garage. This evolved to helping friends and local PWC owners with minor repairs to keep them on the water during the holiday periods.



Ultimately with the growing number of recreational riders in need of repairs PROJET was established in 2000.


Motivated by my father’s passion for the PWC industry, I took up the trade and now have over 15 years experience on the tools. Starting as an apprentice to the owner of the company, I have spent the majority of my life around personal watercrafts.

Over the years I have loved seeing pwc brands improve products and deliver a variety of models to suit needs and affordability. Personal watercrafts have developed over time with enhanced speed, reliability and more rider friendly. This has made the industry grow causing a boom in the number of riders out on the water. It is now common for people to make a holiday based around their jetski and PROJET is here to support that experience. 




Muz Evren

Director of PROJET